Two Hundred Seventeen: All A’Board

“The philosophical point is that our happiness and wellbeing is not based on incomes rising. This is not just the wisdom of sages but of ordinary people. Prosperity is more social and psychological: it’s about identification, affiliation, participation in society and a sense of purpose.”  – Tim Jackson

Wednesday, August 6th

It’s back to work for this PTA mom after a couple of months off. And boy howdy, it even felt good to be called back to duty.

The President invited us all to her house for the meeting to kick off the school year. Back to school BBQs need to be planned. New hires had to be announced. It was a cold hard reality check that I am going into Year Two of parenting a school-aged child, and a delightful reminder that I’ve started this phase of parenting with full throttles engaged.

This time last year I was reluctant and shy to attend the board meetings. The first one landed on my birthday and then I just felt that this group already knew one another. I was the newbie and felt so out-of-place. But now I’ve raised funds with this group. I’ve sold school gear. I’ve attended events and parties with them, and they’re good people. They’re the people who stand up and do something because they are compelled to and because they can. I like those types of people.

What makes you stick with something?


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