Two Hundred Nineteen: I Can!

“Canning is a whole world of a thing to do. It requires that you get out of your head. It’s a Zen thing. You cannot be wondering about your inadequacies and how they drove Bob off and be making jelly. You’ll wind up with big, cylindrical jujubes.”  – Debby Bull

Friday, August 8th

Wednesday brought two large boxes of “seconds” fruit from the local orchard to my neighbor’s porch. We’d be canning all forty pounds of it today.

If you haven’t gathered this already, I’m not a “domestic goddess”. I’m cuisinely-challenged and have simply lost my chops in the kitchen. I used to like cooking, but now I feel all clumsy. So why did I sign up for this? Because I like a good challenge, and a good challenge with a mentor nearby is perfect!

I started washing the fruit and then had to take the kids to their swimming lessons. When I returned, Lisa was well into making her chutney so I started to slice and dice in preparation for nectarine jam.  I fumbled with the Cuisenart. I was walking back and forth with items in the kitchen. It was a sloppy batch, but the finished product looked lovely. By time we moved on to jam batch #2, I had remodeled the kitchen set-up for ergonomic efficiency.

I even want to try my hand at canning again. I’m ready to can solo. I think I can. I think I can!

Are you improving your skill level in any given area?





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