Two Hundred Fourteen: The Importance of Dating a Family

“I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends.”  – Cindy Morgan

Sunday, August 3rd

Saturday had been a pretty unintentionally intense day, so I was looking forward to Sunday balancing the weekend out. Except there was a child’s birthday party on that day, and well, they’re not known for being relaxing. My good friend’s daughter was celebrating her 6th birthday and I knew we’d see some friends from my daughter’s school.

The difference with this party was that my family is friends with everyone in the birthday family.  My husband really likes the birthday girl’s Dad. Her Mom is one of my best friends. And the kids like one another too. So when I hovered over the wading pool with the other Moms, my husband was fine to stay at the food table and shoot the breeze. Other family’s 12-year-old son was growing bored of the conversations, “Mom, they moved from talking about jobs onto talking about more jobs.” That just made for more laughter and more conversation.

I value having families I can hang out with. We could use more of them in our lives, but like anything it is better to have quality instead of quantity. So I will make more of an effort to build a culture of sharing and inclusiveness with our friends.

Do you have friends who are a package deal?



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