Two Hundred Twelve: Committing to Gridlock

“They say the universe is expanding. That should help with the traffic.”  – Steven Wright

Friday, August 1st

There is an annual celebration here in Seattle called “Seafair”. Think pirates, milk carton boat races, and Blue Angels flying overhead. It just so happened that the kids’ concert I wanted to go to with the kids was accessible via a major roadway that gets closed down for several hours to accommodate Seafair. Should we stay or should we go?

Today felt like a day to GO! Logistically, this meant that we would need to fill our afternoon with a couple more adventures until the road opened up again. The concert was cute, but the gem of the event was its location – a hobby farm! The kids went wild over seeing bunnies, chickens, goats, cows, horses, and giant hogs. We found a vast network of shady trails to get us out of the sun and lead us back to our car.

We had a couple of Summer Reading Logues to turn in, so finding the bookstore turned into our next adventure. Attack of the Strip Mall! There we witnessed other varieties of wildlife – Seahawks fans eating pizza in the food court, shoppers, and bored mall staff. We grabbed our literary loot and decided that blueberries were in our future. Onwards to the U-Pick berry farms! The weather was iffy – changing from the scorching hot of the morning to the thunderous sprinkling of the afternoon. Summer rain is something to be embraced though, right? So we took our collection buckets out to the fields and started picking. Within five minutes, my kids were yelling “WE’RE BLUEBERRY FARMERS!”

By this time, the road was open and clogged with traffic. We inched along. Then the gas light went off. Push it or risk running out gas on an Interstate highway? I decided to go for it, and made it just in time to the gas pump. I found that putting music on distracted me away from the temptation of getting anxious and ragey in traffic. The kids and I just had a wonderful day together – I wasn’t about to spoil it.

How do you react to traffic and other obstacles?


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