Two Hundred Ten: Daily Practices

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice reduces the imperfection.” – Toba Beta

Wednesday, July 30th

I decided to put my tai chi classes on hold so that I could focus on different forms of exercise – warm ups, aerobic exercises, running, yoga, and more. The first month was fantastically active and my body started to feel stronger. The second month tapered off. By the third month, I couldn’t find my running shoes and you couldn’t understand what I was saying over the mouth full of Cheetos.

In the months since I have seen my “Sifu” post information about her classes, but it wasn’t calling me yet. Then she posted this:



I couldn’t argue with this logic. It seemed to reverberate other messages I’d been coming across that if I wanted change in my life then I had to commit to change every single day. Changing my thoughts. Changing my attitudes towards practice. Changing my daily rituals to make space for daily practice. I am committing to start back with tai chi in the next session!

What can you reclaim in your life today?


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