Two Hundred Five: Anniversaries

“A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller.” – Paul Klee

Friday, July 25th

I am getting closer to the time of year when my husband broke his elbow last year. There’s still another month or so, but today marked the first appointment (in a long time) with his surgeon to discuss whether the hardware that his holding his elbow together should come out or not. It looks like the prognosis is good to remove the hardware!

I learned a lot from his injury last year. One, my husband needed a second opinion that he needed emergency assistance. He and I both tend to be in denial of being physically hurt and sometimes it takes someone outside of the marriage to say, “Hey, that doesn’t look right.” Two, we have a wonderful community of support around us. People stepped in to watch my children when he was being whisked off to the emergency room at the hospital and family brought over food and love. Three, it’s only right to praise the staff that treat you well in your treatment and recovery.

The most valuable lessons came from the heart. I saw that I could handle a tremendous amount of stress and be there to guide and take care of my family. Two days after his surgery, our daughter started kindergarten and an international visitor arrived at our home for a two-week stay. The kids’ fish died and they didn’t quite understand why Dad was so tired and sore and not available to play. Post-surgery, my husband made a lot of changes in his life since he wasn’t physically capable of keeping up all the projects he’d been working on. This freed up time for him to be at home, and opened up new opportunities for him to express himself artistically. He embraced his physical therapy exercises and I think he is in better shape now than he was before the injury. Silver linings, right?

I’m proud that he made such a complete recovery. I appreciate his mental fortitude and dogged determination to heal, but it ultimately was his humility that offered the greatest road to recovery.

How do you react to illness? In yourself, and in others?


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