Two Hundred One: Vandalism

“Everyone has to scratch on walls somewhere or they go crazy.” – Michael Ondaatje

Sunday, July 20th

Today the family and I continued our San Juan Island adventure with a jaunt to a lavender festival. While walking through purple fields, we came across a sculpture worth at least $30,000 that had been vandalized by a pencil-toting festival-goer. It could have been a punk teenager or it could have been a restless supreme court justice escaping the city for a reckless island adventure.

Don’t we all need to let off a little steam? And when does that become too much?

I sure feel boggled and confined by all the legalities of modern living. Marry this person, not that one. Pay these taxes. Don’t go there, go here. Life becomes one big ongoing mechanized operation. All it takes is one act of vigilantism to open up the possibility in other’s minds that an act of defiance is possible. So the question I ponder is How do we learn to safely let off a little steam while not infringing upon other’s liberties?

How do you personally feel about vandalism?


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