One Hundred Ninety Four: Hospitality

Sunday, July 13th

One of the things I appreciate the most about aging is learning how to take care of others, and by “take care” I mean to create a place or mood that one wishes to be around. Being warm, welcoming, friendly, hospitable. I am incredibly insecure about failing in this department, so I am truly grateful when someone rolls out the red carpet for me. I learn firsthand what it takes to make others feel special.

Sunday, my Dad and brother took my family over to a small island for the day. This island (Savary Island) has fascinated my husband for years, and this was to be an adventure in uncharted territory. After a ride on what my son dubbed the “rocket boat” (water taxi) and a short walk, we reached the island bike shop. A golf cart with a trailer hitch pulled up and whisked us to the other side of the island – making sight-seeing stops along the way. The cart was driven by an old family friend (whom my Dad used to work for when I was in high school, and whom I found out has known my Dad most of his life) and he is one of the few that lives on this island year round. He made sure that we got to know some of what makes this island special. From the bike rental shop his daughter runs to the beaches to the waves you get from anyone and everyone you pass.

When you take away the movie theaters, the freeways, and the warehouse shopping you are left with community…and one whose residents rely on one another for companionship and assistance. Hospitality thrives here, and I was sure glad to visit it for a day.

What places feel the most welcoming and hospitable to you?


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