One Hundred Ninety Five: Saying Goodbye

Monday, July 14th

Whenever I would board the ferry to return home from a visit to my parents, I would weep a good deal of tears for the first 15 minutes of the sailing. Saying goodbye to my parents, to my hometown, and all the nostalgic sentiments that go along with both was overwhelming. It tapped into the emotional awkwardness of leaving for college, leaving friends behind, leaving to move to the United States. Leaving.

Things are different now. My parents live in a new community, and it is the community that they are committed to staying in for the rest of their days. It is quiet and secluded, and they have a beautiful property. The family visit over the weekend was a process of discovery for me to answer the question of what this place was really like. It suits them, and they fit there. So when we said goodbyes and boarded the ferry for the next chapter of our journey, there were no tears. My Mom and Dad felt like they were where they were supposed to be. And I wasn’t leaving. I was moving on to the next step of my own journey to find out where I was meant to be.

Do you have difficulties saying goodbye to loved ones?


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