One Hundred Ninety: Spacetime Continuum

 “My my a body does move around.” – William Faulkner

Wednesday, July 9th

Today I was transported through space and time while visiting my best friend from university. She and I faced so many of life’s biggest challenges as twenty-somethings together, and here we were asking our children to hold hands across the street. Don’t you ever get that feeling that those 20 years were only a breath ago?

On top of that, we have been staying at a cottage belonging to an old friend. He has always been a free spirit, and now he has a beautiful wife and daughter along for the ride. It brings me peace to see friends doing so well.

We daydream of our kids heading out to a concert 15 years from now together, and there is a strong sense of comfort knowing that there is the interest and possibility of being connected to dear friends over that length of time. It makes me feel like my 40 years have been a light step on this Earth. Onwards, with love.

Who do you think you’ll still be friends with 20 years from now?

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