One Hundred Eighty Three: Effortless Friend

“Our effortless friendship fits perfectly with my laziness.”  – Random eCard

Wednesday, July 2nd

All friends take an effort. Effort to get to know. To make plans with so you keep up on knowing them. But some friends just feel effortless. Vina is one of those friends for me.

She is lovely. Full of passion and energy, and most importantly honesty. I feel like she says the things out loud that I am still chewing on. I am pretty private about a lot of my thoughts (hence the over-sharing on this blog, right?), but she has a way of processing similar thoughts out loud that validate my own musings and legitimize me sharing too.

We are both mothers to two pretty terrific girls, so to see them run around playing fairy kingdom or mermaid palace tickles me to no end. I look at them and see Vina and I as childhood friends.

What Vina shows me about myself is that I can question myself and question the world around me, and it’s okay to let all those thoughts drive me a little crazy because it’s a crazy world and we’re all trying to make sense of it all.

How do you see yourself reflected through your friendships with others?


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