One Hundred Eighty Seven: Son

“Don’t wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.”  – Author Unknown

Sunday, July 6th

My son is Joy. He personifies it down to every little detail in his form and function – waving arms, squeals of delight, giggles, greetings, and a sunshiney little muffin grin that melts just about any stranger. Today we celebrated this little person’s climb towards Bighood – an early birthday celebration, and a grand one at that.

We went with the dinosaur theme because he’d been talking for dinosaurs for a few days in a row. Of course this morning he insisted that his party was all about horses…and cupcakes. Fortunately, he got into the fantasy and fun of digging in the sandbox for dinosaur bones and eggs. He followed the dinosaur tracks to find his gifts. He snuck dinosaur eggs (aka Jelly Bellies) in between servings of his dinosaur kale salad.

The thing with having a happy child is that sometimes it’s easy to overlook the feelings beneath the veneer. He is an emotional child who thrives on his social connections. When he is angry, he is intense and willfully dramatic about something that he really could work through quite easily with some help. So when his sister wants to take his new toy, he kicks her or tells her how bad she is. He calls me a bad mommy for setting boundaries.

These are the toughest moments for me – the ones where I get absolutely no response or gratifying answer that what I’ve just done is helpful to this child. He is all but ignoring me, and I will need to repeat that moment three times for him now and countless times later so that he may understand that this is a kind and gentle way to handle a situation. When he says thank you unprompted, or helps our neighbor then I see how his natural joyousness can express itself through concrete actions in his life.

Do you accept the best and worst qualities about your loved ones?


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