One Hundred Eighty Four: Gerbilizing

“Captivity isn’t overcome by inactivity.” – Constance Chuks Friday

Thursday, July 3rd

I’ve been feeding the gerbils next door while their people are on vacation. What funny little animals! People develop such affection for these creatures in a cage that they’d gladly whack with a broom and scare out of their house if they ran free.

Dancer is a white gerbil and the first one to come say hello and check to see what I’ve fed her. She also hops on the wheel and does a few dozen spins while I’m visiting. Dancer, on the other hand, stays buried under the mountain of shredded paper and comes up just as I’m about to leave. He doesn’t go anywhere near the wheel and has the chubby little gerbil body to prove it.

So if the sh*t ever hits the fan or…the cat tips the cage, guess which gerbil has a better chance of making it. Haha. I just wrote that friends are our mirrors, but gee, we can find the lessons we need all around us if we look. Even at a gerbil.

Do you feel captive to anything in your life?


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