One Hundred Seventy Six: Go-To Girlfriend

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”  – Anaïs Nin

Wednesday, June 25th

I love my friend Holly. We met at a tai chi class and over the years we slowly got to know one another. Our daughters were slated to be in  kindergarten at the same school, and our husbands met randomly at a summer playdate where our girls hit it off. The first day of school, we sat back and watched as our sweet little daughters held hands and walked to the classroom together. There has been a natural congruency in our lives which has made it very easy to get along with her.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m harassing her by asking her to do anything and everything with me. We pal up at school events, class field trips, meetings, and then I had been asking her to join me on adventures as soon as we’d drop our daughters off for school. It dons on me how out of practice I am with having a go-to friend who I confide in regularly. I have some amazing friends in my life from different periods of my life and I have held them close as my life direction has taken me away from my mother country, out of the workplace, and from the traditional spheres where people meet (wherever those are).

Being 39, I find that my friends are have their own little lives carved out. We’re not potlucking every Friday, and that’s okay. It has allowed my husband and I to spend time with a variety of people. What we have lacked is a family that we could potluck with every Friday. I think it’s worth pursuing as the nature of friendships evolve in my life, and I have a greater need for my friends to be a family of friends.

Do you approach friendships differently as you get older?



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