One Hundred Seventy Four: Good Service

“Good service is good business.”  – Siebel Ad

Monday, June 23rd

I am a stickler for great service. Heck, I’d settle for mediocre service but most of the time I find I am in the middle of a transaction where I’m providing customer service to the business person. What’s up with that?

So Monday was the day that my husband was going to take our car in to get checked out. I am not entirely sold on the idea of using Yelp to find service providers (since I’ve had terrible experiences with highly recommended businesses and met amazing people who had no online reviews at all), but this mechanic had 5 stars from every single person who wrote in.

This repairman claims that if you can beat him at a freestyle rap then you can get a free oil change. Okay, I’m sold on this guy already. To boot, my husband said that he narrowed our car trouble down to the most likely three causes and spec’ed out what that might cost. Although our car fix was the least troublesome, he took the time to fix a major leak in the oil pan and get our car working like new. I’ve got to put the word out about this guy!

What do you do to acknowledge good service?


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