One Hundred Seventy Five: Shutdown

“Life is more fun if you play games.” – Roald Dahl

Tuesday, June 24th

…But even the most playful people get a little too tired to keep playing sometimes. The kidlets and I had been invited to a neighbor’s house for our daughters to have a playdate. The first red flag was when the mother texted me to let me know that she’d been having a rough time communicating with her husband that morning and needed space. She apologized profusely, but I felt like the best strategy was to move forward and not let it affect the children’s morning.

The second red flag was the presence of the exuberant little house pet. He’s a great dog and I’d love a little pal like that, but my children are outright terrified of dogs and so his sweet little run to greet us was taken as a massive safety threat. A child in fear does not accept logical explanations until the perceived threat is removed.

Still, the kids bounced their hearts out on the trampoline and snuck into the big tent set up in the backyard. Then my daughter opened the door, the dog got out, and she boiled over. It was one of those tantrum moments where it became apparent that we had to leave. I’m glad I did because once we got home, she climbed into bed and promptly fell asleep for two hours. So about my post about choosing fun over sleep, that’s if you’re over the age of 20!

Do you know when to remove yourself from a situation before things spiral out of control?


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