One Hundred Seventy One: On a Roll

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”  – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Friday, June 20th

I fought the idea of hosting a class party on the first day of summer. One, I’m an introvert. Two, my daughter is one too. Three, the size of a kindergarten class is far too big. And four, this wasn’t exactly what I’d call a low-key week. But life is for the living, right? So come on over, Friends.

If I do personality tests, they usually spit out that I’m a visionary or an ideas person so I was more than thrilled that everyone who offered to come also offered to help. I took several people up on their offers. One friend came over and helped me make a playlist. I had access to a rather large disco ball and I intended on luring those kids onto the dance floor to kick out some jams. Another Mom did a walk-through of the common space that we’d use for the party, and helped me tuck up my plans and keep it simple. It was revolutionary thinking – offer several options for the children but understand that they will be drawn to what they’re drawn to and let it be. Phew, I could exhale now.

I’m learning that most of the effort required for these sorts of things is on the front end. Invite people and secure the location and then the rest falls into place with effective delegation. One of the moms kindly reminded me, “It’s only two hours.” So when people started showing up, the bustle started outdoors directly next to the bubble machine. It was really sweet to see how well the kids played together, and we had the space for the older siblings to branch out and play on their own.

It felt good to act contrary to my tendencies and host the party. It added something to the class experience for all of us.

Are you effective at delegating or do you take all the responsibility on your own shoulders?


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