One Hundred Sixty: Meeting a Noob

“You may be a newbie! Believe in your capabilities, keep exhibiting your talents, move on further and make new roads. Your meeting point with an opportunity may be there just in the next turn.”  – Dinesh Kumar Radhakrishnan

Monday, June 9th

I feel like I’ve been a newbie on so many levels over the past year. A mother watching her firstborn child start school. An aging woman struggling to balance being loyal to old friendships while making room for new ones to enter her life. Each turn in life reveals uncharted territories to be learned about and understood, and at every crossroad there is a feeling of being out-of-place and feeling slightly awkward.

I had a meeting on Monday with the new Executive Director of a non-profit that I’ve volunteered with for years. She was there to discuss partnerships and hiring procedures. The two other people in the meeting were very familiar to me, so I felt that this woman was very much the new character to the community and the organization. I would have felt slightly intimidated if I was her, but she held her space strongly and confidently and finished the meeting by humanizing her position by telling us more about her background. She is delightfully wacky, and I was inspired by her willingness to let down her guard and let us see her as a person.

Being the newbie can be a great opportunity.

In what areas of your life are you a newbie?



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