One Hundred Fifty Two: Meeting a Family

“If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk.”  – Robert Baden-Powell

Sunday, June 1

I volunteered to spend Sunday afternoon with a fellow parent that is organizing a Field Day for my daughter’s school. The mom has been soliciting help left, right, and center and only two other people had signed up to help with the preparation work. One mom showed up in the morning, and the other mom didn’t show up at all. So I would be spending three hours in the backyard with this family I barely know.

It was great. The family consists of mom, dad, seven-year-old twin girls and a five-year-old daughter. I noticed immediately how organized the mother was, no doubt a nod to her daily parenting of three children close in age. The girls wanted to participate in everything and I let them help where I could. The Mom never frayed. The Dad was super supportive, working around the yard to stay out of our way and ready to help when needed.

It’s interesting to just sit back and watch how other people communicate with and move around one another. It’s sweet and real and humanizing.

What could you learn by observing others?


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