One Hundred Fifty Six: Going Out of My Way

“Every man thinketh his burden is the heaviest.” – Bob Marley, “Running Away” lyric

Thursday, June 5th

I fall into the trap all too often of feeling like I am the busiest, most-time strapped person in the universe. I am grateful for my dedicated husband who participates in family life, my kind neighbors who offer childcare or the use of their care when I need it, and so many others who provide the help that I need when I need it…. So sometimes I just gotta step up and be that helping hand for someone else.

On Thursday, it was for the coordinator of the school garden that I have been volunteering with over the last year. She is a dear dear person, and has been so kind in showing me the ropes around the school. Now she and her husband-to-be are leaving their jobs at the school to move out-of-state. With this in mind, I have tried to set up a site with information about her job so that the incoming coordinator can benefit from her deep knowledge without interfering too much in her new start elsewhere.

I’d been trying to mitigate this all through a website, when it finally donned on me that I could interview her and type up the responses myself. I got so much more information out of her by sitting back and documenting fluid conversation. It feels good to do something helpful for someone else, and feeling helpful is much better than feeling time crunched.

How can you help someone else?


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