One Hundred Fifty Four: Out of Context

“I have many different sides; I can be the life and soul of the party – or a wallflower.”  – Naomie Harris

Tuesday, June 3rd

The last PTSA board meeting of the school year was on Tuesday. It was slated to be 100% business-free which meant when I strolled in late everyone was all smiles with a glass of wine in their hand.

Small talk eventually gave way to more interesting conversations with various people, and I started to like the new perspective I was getting on all these folks I’ve been reviewing budgets and discussing events with all year. Funnily enough, as soon as the school principal left the hostess busted out Cards Against Humanity. There’s something about commiserating on a terribly gross, inappropriate, or perverted answer that brings a crowd together. Everyone agreed that we need to break in the rookie PTSA members next year with a round at the beginning of the year.

A couple of people remarked that they look at me differently now. I’m guessing that these were people who saw me as the wallflower, but realized that there are some terribly interesting and/or dark thoughts swirling around inside. And so it is with everyone. Many stories. Many sides. Many moods. All in the same complicated body.

Who do you underestimate in your daily life?



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