One Hundred Fifty Five: Another 40-Year-Old Walks Among Us

“I wish you a fruit from every tree,  I wish you much honey from the bee, I wish you a rainbow without rain,  I wish and wish for you, my friend. I wish you a wish for every dream, I wish you were happy as you seem, I wish you love for all your way, I wish you just a great birthday.” –  Anonymous

Wednesday, June 4th

Today is the 40th birthday of my dear dear friend from high school. It’s funny how we hold on to some friends over the years – so many factors that swirl together and make us family while we lose track of so many other friends along the way.

I admired my friend’s ability to stay so even-keeled as a teenager, although many times it pissed me off that her moods didn’t go 0 to 60 like so many of the rest of us. She “stole” my boyfriend back then. I drank a bottle of whiskey on the rocks (a beachside cliff – not ice – yikes!) with a couple friends and then threw rocks at the happy couple when they tried to join us. I got him back. And then I think she did too. I walked down with him at graduation, but she was dating him and held his hand on the graduation cruise later that night.

We moved away to the same city for post-secondary studies – I to college, she to university. I shared a house. She was in a dorm. I got homesick after one quarter and returned home. She continued on with her studies and got her degree. I eventually moved back and started at the same university and she specialized in linguistics. We were geographically side-by-side but had such different trajectories. Perhaps that is what it made us feel like sisters; we had to work at staying in touch but I knew we’d never lose touch.

So many of the ups and downs that we each went through were not necessarily experiences that we felt the other would understand, and maybe rightly so. These experiences grew us up into becoming women and still I love her as dearly as when we were girls. It shows me how important it is to have all shades of friendship in my life. I don’t just need one type of intense dedicated friend. I need the friend who I can invite over to help me with a project. The friend who I can text when I see something gross. The friend I can call when I need to take a step back from my own life and gain perspective.

So I send happy birthday wishes to a friend I am blessed to have, another 40-year-old who walks among us.

Have you talked to an old friend recently?


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