One Hundred Forty Eight: Moon Time

“The great mother whom we call Innana gave a gift to woman that is not known among men, and this is the secret of blood. The flow at the dark of the moon, the healing blood of the moon’s birth – to men, this is flux and distemper, bother and pain. They imagine we suffer and consider themselves lucky. We do not disabuse them.

In the red tent, the truth is known. In the red tent, where days pass like a gentle stream, as the gift of Innana courses through us, cleansing the body of last month’s death, preparing the body to receive the new month’s life, women give thanks — for repose and restoration, for the knowledge that life comes from between our legs, and that life costs blood.” – Anita Diamant

Wednesday, May 28th

It is the week of my moon time. Preceded by a particularly crazed day of spring cleaning, much emphasis was placed on the calendar and the fact that I perhaps should have warned the family that as I was nearing the time when my body started to prepare for the shedding my emotions would be running wild. But I didn’t, and I wasn’t reasonable or fair to the ones I love the most.

It is always annoying to talk to a man about premenstrual syndrome and how the emotional fall-out might affect him (unfairly). I am waiting for the everyday man to start acknowledging a woman’s strength and power during her moon time, revere the bodily system that served as his and all of our first homes. Where we grew deep within our own mother’s womb. This time, this brief phase within a woman’s month, is her body’s process of letting go. Letting go of the potential for another descendant. She may be weakened, tired, and emotional. But attuned to the natural rhythms of her body, she will also carry a universal wisdom that is born of a creature that plays such an integral role in creation.

I give thanks for the ability to create life and show honor to the great red tides that allow it.

How do you view a woman’s menstrual cycle?


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