One Hundred Forty Two: Look at Something Shine

“Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?” – Dennis and Wendy Mannering

Thursday, May 22nd

Yesterday, my friend Holli told me that she had reassessed a photo blogging project she had been working on but had dropped for a long time. She had dubbed it “Poor Seattle Shines”. When I had first heard about it, it left a funny taste in my mouth…something was off in the naming, like it was drawing attention to some sort of perceived beauty in poverty. It was months ago that I’d seen the blog, but hadn’t seen her post any follow-up links.

Recently she took a natural lighting course and landed in a philosophical discussion about photography. The presenters said that (lighting aside) the content one is documenting should be something he or she is passionate about. James Balog and the conservation of nature, particularly the retreating glaciers. Clark Little and waves. Framing the things you love or the ideas you care about lends a sensitivity and compassion to the images created.

Holli chewed on this idea and was reinvigorated to use her photography skills to document the grassroots work that is being done to improve neglected spaces in our city. She changed the name of her blog to “Seattle Shines” to reflect the things that are working, the people who are trying to make things better. And I’m going to be featured!

Do you like to be noticed and acknowledged for the good works that you do, or would you rather stay anonymous?



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