One Hundred Forty Three: Folks and Life

“Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbors into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.” – David Binder

Friday, May 23rd

I have never shied away from a festival. There’s music, food, and gads of people who are willing to let their freak flag fly for my ultimate people-watching pleasure. I’m in….until I’m 39, apparently. This is the first year that I’ve felt more hesitant to the flip side – the scores of teenagers who are stoned off their tree and not quite adding to the drum circle, the general reluctance the average festival-goer has to using deodorant, or the cliché “Free Hugs”. Show me something newIf this is a folk festival, let’s get folky, Peeps.

But a lovely family that we’ve been bonding with a lot this year was going to drive a couple of hours to catch a band, and we decided to meet up with them. I wholeheartedly endorse traveling solo, but now that I’m in the thick of my child-rearing years I find it extremely comforting to participate in cultural events with other families.

And then I realize how sweet it is to create a lovely space around me, no matter where I find myself.

Do you like to attend events with large crowds of people? 


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