One Hundred Thirty Nine: Say My Name

“I’ve learned how to use my spam filter pretty effectively.”  – Al Yankovic

Monday, May 19th

There are a select few people I come across frequently who never address me by my name. These are people who undoubtedly know my name. Sometimes they don’t say hello at all. Perhaps I shouldn’t let it get to me, but it does. I keep chipping away at the rock with my little chisel of happiness, but when I look down into my hand I find that it is actually a butter knife and it is doing diddly-squat.

The phrase “You can only control your own actions/feelings” always irritated me. It has always felt that if I was compelling enough, I could help bring change. It’s hard to know whether requesting others to communicate with me would actually bring them closer or push them further away. People are interesting that way. It seems that if we talked all our misunderstandings out that they might resolve, but sometimes that process just begets new misunderstandings.

I am learning more and more each day about just how very different adults are in their ability to communicate clearly and politely, and being able to gauge and engage the other party in conversation. My Dad will talk for 20 minutes straight on a subject, and when he hears that my attention is diverted on the 21st minute he will call me out for multi-tasking. Others just don’t seem to understand that using someone’s name in conversation or greetings is a common way to acknowledge the other’s presence, and validate their presence.

I know all I can do is to talk to others how I want to be talked to.

Do you have any conversational hang-ups?



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