One Hundred Thirty Five: Moving

“We’ll be friends forever or until you move over an hour away.” – Random eCard 

Thursday, May 15th

I have met a really great woman this year who embodies the level of commitment and warmth I aspire to have in my own work. She works hard. She gets things done. And she’s allowed me into her world to learn. I have really enjoyed getting to know her…and now she’s moving.

Perhaps this is just part of urban life. People seem to move from hubs more often. The adventure seekers seek new adventures. The opportunists seek new opportunities. And rent is cheaper in Kansas.

This puts a kink in my social life. After friends move away, we figure out if we are texters, emailers, or Facebookers. The love is still there but there are no more coffee runs or chats in the garden. I am trying to get time snuck in to her busy schedule, figuring out just how I can continue on her good works after she is gone.

I do believe that when people leave your life, there is room for new friends to come in. But I tire of all the goodbyes…

How do you communicate with friends who have moved away? Are you a loyal emailer? Do you write handwritten notes?


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