One Hundred Thirty One: Moms Just Wanna Have Fun


“Moms. The only people who know the meaning of 24/7.”  – Random eCard

Sunday, May 11th

Several months ago I found an advertisement for a 5K Fun Run. It was advertised as the “Happiest Run on the Planet” and I thought this would be a sweet thing to do with the women in my family. It was also planned to be on Mother’s Day. There wasn’t an immediate rally of interest around me, but I kept planting seeds. My sweet MIL (whom I affectionately refer to as my “Mother-in-Love) stepped up to the plate and registered us both while I was away on my March girls weekend.

It became a running joke that there would be “more funning and less running” since neither of us had been training. I had ponied up the couple dollars for a 5k trainer app…and never opened it! MIL started walking in the mornings with her neighbor, but that had tapered off in the later weeks. But I’ll tell you something, she and I are always in hardcore fun training. We love to laugh and see the joy in things…and boy howdy, would we be elated enough to be away from the kids for five kilometers.

The concept of 24/7 had only been applied to partying in my 20s…and even then, nature ensures that the party stop for things like rest and repair. Why then did the reproductive cycle overlook these basic laws? If mothering is anything for every mother, then it is 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you are Beyonce or a drug addict, your child is there and needs something from you at all times. (And speaking to both ends of my chosen spectrum, by no means am I implying that celebrities will not neglect their children as much as a drug addict could, or that a drug addict would not afford the basic necessities that a celebrity could provide. I am simply referring to the difference in life circumstance.)

Any invested parent knows that the most challenging thing he or she has ever done in this life is to raise a child. It is serious business. While I appreciate the Internet when I need to Google a concerning symptom of illness, this world wide web also brings me a snap judgment on anything and everything I’ve ever done as a parent. There are vast tracks of my parenting life that have been isolated and full of self-doubt. So why wouldn’t a mom put herself first on Mother’s Day and have a little fun?

And this Mom did. Hand-in-hand, my MIL and I ran most of the 5K – stopping to get doused in color or give a wee one a high-five. There were thousands of people there and we were in good company with Mom-Child pairs of all ages. I was inspired to see my children at the start line and finishing line, but had a new sense of “OK, Mama’s gonna go dance this course and run through bubbles without you, Kids”. And that is exactly what gives me the energy to come back to my family refreshed and ready to run another 5k (on or off the course) with them.

Do you have a role in life that you could use some revisioning in?


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2 thoughts on “One Hundred Thirty One: Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. Kyna says:

    What a happy Mother’s Day! I’m glad you got some fun time in for yourself. I recently went to a movie with a friend and my kids were shocked that I would do this without them. 🙂 Makes me think I ought to do it a little more often!

    • Yeah, Kyna! It was a long time coming for me to build space in my life to do things without the kids. Spa days, dinner dates, movies out with the Husband. I never WANTED to do all these things when my kids were little, but I get a lot out of them now.

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