One Hundred Thirty: A State of Repair

“Being broken isn’t the worst thing. We can be mended and put together again…and see our cracks as beautiful.”  – Anna White

Saturday, May 10th

I woke up with my queasy constitution and pulled groin muscle and promptly texted my mother-in-law that I might have to cancel the 5k run that I so desperately asked her to do with me. Two minutes later, I realized that this entire week had been a spot-on analogy for motherhood and promptly re-texted, “Forget that last text. We’re doing this!”

Isn’t life like a race that you may or may not have the proper training for, rife with road blocks and strains along the way? I determined (after consulting Dr. Google) that my muscle strain was a mild case, and if I took it easy and didn’t seek to break any 5k world records then I was in good stead to be in fine physical shape to make it through the run. So when the kids woke up at 6 am, I decided to head for an early morning epsom salt soak. I had a 3 hour early morning meeting and did light stretches to loosen up my joints. Then I took my daughter to a clothing swap, and that was just plain fun. I have this belief that shutting myself inside and getting absolute bed rest is the best medicine; sometimes a little frolic and folly is exactly what is needed. After that, my girl and I went to a birthday party and it was a blast. The kids jumped on a trampoline and the moms sat around the kitchen table and gabbed.

How was it that I had been essentially running around all day but was feeling better than ever?

The last installment of the active part of my day was taking my daughter to the race site to pick up the race packs for my MIL and me ahead of time. The car was low on gas – yes, of course it was – and it was 5:30 pm. So imagine how unlikely it was that we could fill the tank, drive across town, find parking in one of the craziest traffic-laden areas of the city, and then make it to the headquarters by 6. The clock was ticking so we just went. I never doubted bringing my girl with me. I knew she’d help me get there, and she did! It was 5:52 and we were circling the area with blinking stop lights and police guiding cars through the intersection. We were so close! We made it through the stop lights and found a spot close enough to land us a run away from the site. The address, sadly, gave no specifics for the location so we ran around. My girl is lightning fast. She kept up, pace-for-pace, with her Mom and told me she wanted to run in the race too. By time we had actually reached the spot, there were plenty of available volunteers to register us. I grabbed our packs and high-fived my daughter. What a champ! I took a couple snaps of the two of us at the race site and started gearing up for the race. I can’t wait to run tomorrow!

Would signing up to do something ahead of time challenge you to stick with it and follow through?


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