One Hundred Twenty Seven: UnSick Day

“Sorry your sick day is due to actual illness.”  – Unknown

Wednesday, May 7th

My daughter stayed home from school on Tuesday due to a nasty little cough. By Wednesday, she could have gone to school but she was still hacking. By Wednesday at noon, I saw how one good day off of rest had worked wonders…but how extra special it was for her to have an extra day off.

I have always been a conservative parent when it comes to illness. My children do not need to go to playtimes, story times, or the store for errands when they have green snot coming out of their noses. And if I need to haul them with me to get groceries then, golly, I will give them a hankie and wipe their little noses for them. Don’t get me started on that rant. With all the focus people put on the vaccination debate, you would think that some emphasis would be put on how people move about the world when they or their children are sick. I am not targeting this comment at single parents who have limited options or people who are trying to…see look, I couldn’t help myself.

My point is that my daughter was not laid out in bed all day Wednesday. In fact, despite her protestations that she was still really sick and would “act naughty” if I sent her to school, she went straight to play with her brother as soon as she had finished her breakfast: sweet cooperative play. For hours!

Now I know her principal would be disappointed that she’d missed a day of school where she could have been learning, but I think she was learning something more important. Sometimes, we need a day to restore ourselves. Not just our body, but also our spirit. We need to play, hug, laugh, and take it easy. And we need to enjoy the time we have with the ones we love. She will be out of school soon enough for summer, but there was no way that I could deny that this day home was good for her and for my son.

Have you given yourself a break lately?


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