One Hundred Twenty Eight: New View

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, May 8th

So much of our daily experience is related our perspective, right? I saw something today from a different view – street level.

I live not-too-far from a fire department so it is not uncommon to hear sirens in the melange of urban noise. My son always yells “Someone’s hurt”…and we talk about the variety of things that firefighters respond to in our city – car accidents, fires, medical emergencies, and so on. Today, we got to see firefighters respond to an actual fire.

I was at the library with my son and our four-year-old friend. We heard sirens approaching so we went to the windows, seeing two fire trucks and one police car zoom by. The police car did a u-turn and closed off traffic. The library staff person walked out to the street and saw that the trucks were responding to a house fire. The four-year-old’s mother returned and we walked out to see what happened. It was a house fire, and the firefighters were in the midst of starting to retreat from the house. They were putting their axes back on the truck. One firefighter was hosing down three others that were all suited up. There were no occupants present and neighbors were safe. A newspaper reporter came over to us (perhaps interested in whether we lived there) and assured us that he was press. Flares were set off to detour traffic. This was happening real-time right in front of us. We stayed until it got boring for the little ones.

This excitement resulted, however, in my first ever gridlock traffic jam on the side streets as I tried to get to my daughter’s school to pick her up. I called her school to let them know that traffic would be hellish for the busses, and made my way through thanks to the clever manoeuvering of the car ahead of me. It was frustrating but less so than if I didn’t know what caused it. Perspective.

Could you benefit from taking a different view on something right here and right now?



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