One Hundred Twenty Two: Halfsies

“A person who has not done one half his day’s work by ten o’clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.” – Emily Bronte

Friday, May 2nd

Getting home early from the camping trip gobbled up half of our day. There was still another fully viable half day to fill with work or play, and it felt like a gift since we’d already squashed quite a bit into our morning.

My daughter was confused by my insistence that she go to school. She knew we had pulled her out of school on Thursday so she could enjoy time with her family in nature, but then what school would be going to for the second half of her Friday? On the way back home, I read an email that her teacher had sent about her special art class she would have over the next three Fridays. If she missed the last two hours of school, she would be behind on her project and she would miss all that fun. She was a little hot potato, tossed from the campsite to home to school all within a couple of hours, and her teacher putting her straight to work helped with the transition.

Time moved in a much different way. I came home to clean, take out the garbage/recycling/compost, and put on laundry. The hours of the day usually pass so quickly, but the afternoon seemed to linger on and on. Husband fell asleep, so I left him to his nap while I kept running industriously around town. Exhausted, but not as exhausted as I should be, I took a power nap as the kids fell asleep and then woke up to get a little adult time in. The day never seemed to end – until it did with an early 10 pm bedtime!

Do you like routines? Or do you prefer to mix things up constantly?


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