One Hundred Twenty One: Getting Campy


“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.”  – Germaine Greer

Thursday, May 1st

Thursday was the day in our city that broke records for sunshine, influencing the masses to call in sick to work. “Sick” as in the sort of illness that can only be cured by playing at the beach or climbing a mountain trail.

So for the first time we pulled our daughter out of school for the sheer joy of it, packed up our car with supplies, and headed for adventure.  We had a couple of pit stops, including a just-off-the-freeway stop so my son could pee in the grass at a local park. We weren’t even 10 minutes from our house and he said, “We’re camping here?!” No, Son. Not on the baseball diamond. We knew our kids were excited when they kept asking if we were there yet. We were at our destination within a couple of hours, and the tent was set up and lunch was served within the next hour. The kids ran the trail down to the beach without nary a thought of how hard it would be to walk back up – and that was the spirit of this trip, after all! Act first, think later! I found a kid’s backpack full of the coolest rocks ever. We investigated tide pools. My daughter drew in her “Observation Book” and recorded vital details about the local flora and fauna. The walk back up the steep trail was even a joy – counting off paces, finding robin nests, walking on fallen trees, listening to forest sounds. It was a feast for the senses.

The kids got that snaky wild energy young ones have when they are at the end of a fun and tiring day. After reigning in their last blast, we put them to bed and they drifted soundly off into slumber. Husband and I took turns running to the bluff to see the sunset. Then we battled the campfire wood stack that would not hold a decent fire for anything; or shall I say, this woman proved her worth on the campsite by stoking a proper fire. I felt like  a teenager staying up late to watch the night sky and share campfire secrets. This day had been nothing short of restorative.

We woke up on Friday at 5 a.m. Rather than sneak around the campground, we packed up everything and started adventuring again on our way back towards home. We made several pit stops and collected more rocks, looked at lighthouses, and picnicked to our heart’s content. We made it home by 11 am, and I had my daughter back to school for a half day by noon.  It had been a unanimously awesome trip.

If you could drop everything and go, where would you travel to?



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