One Hundred Seventeen: Taking the Kids to their First Rock Show

“The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.”  – Lee Iacocca

Sunday, April 27th

A word to the wise: don’t tell your kids that you’re going to take them to a “Rock Show” before you take them to a Masonic Hall with a bunch of older white gentleman sitting at tables behind their prized mineral collections.

My three-year-old grabbed his toy guitar and ran around the house riffing and yelling “ROCK SHOW!!!”

There was no entrance fee and kids were offered a scavenger hunt which gained them a chance to spin the Wheel of Mineral Fortune. My son liked this, and my daughter thought there was a catch. It’s funny – the moments where you see your children’s personalities diverge so completely. It happened again when we found the silent auction table. My daughter knows how to spell her name so she was willing to bid on anything just to get the chance to write. My son sat there confounded by the auction slips, the ding of the bell, and the exchange of quarters which could very easily top off his piggy bank instead.

We found some interesting gems and rocks, and brought home a good selection for our own collection. I have already made the decision to celebrate my 40th with a day full of rock hounding with friends. I asked an older gent from the Mineral Society about field trips, and he gave me a lot of good leads. Now I have to decide whether I can keep my bawdy sense of humor under wraps for an afternoon while prospecting with Ed’s guidance or find a suitable spot on my own. I hope the chat I had with him “pans out” the nugget of information I need to find my dig site….because I lost the auction on a beautiful tube-shaped piece of carnelian while talking to Ed.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about that carnelian and wanting to go back to the hall for more. My kids stuck it out for two hours, and I’d had more than enough opportunities to fill my little bag of rocks. Sometimes you need to make yourself stop when you are too keen on something, and I’ve glad I’ve got my family there to remind me of that.

Have you got a hobby or an interest that you are pretty nerdy and keen about?


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