One Hundred Eighteen: I Didn’t Come in Last

“If you are good at in the art of finding consolation, it means that you have the best medicine after the disasters.” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Monday, April 28th

So many of my actions right here and now are wrapped up with being a mom. I look for clothes for my kids before I look for myself. I make sure they’ve bathed before I do. I download the clean version of albums. So when something stands out as being an unchanging and unwavering Tasha thing, I am happy to applaud it.

I had a meeting set with a mother and a school staffer on Monday to talk about gardening with kids with specialized needs. Both women are incredibly active and responsible people, and they get a lot of things moving at that school. Yet here I was on time with my little guy in tow with my cohorts nowhere to be found. The other mom arrived 15 minutes later. I texted the staff member, and she was still in bed! I have retained my status of being a prompt person. Neither potty accidents nor restless children that refuse to get into car seats will hold this woman back!

Maybe it’s not the most responsible and gracious attitude, but I love not coming in last. Second to last is cool. There is distinctly something comforting about knowing that however sad I am about my situation, there is someone else who is nursing a bigger broken heart. I will help that person with all my ability grieve and move on, but better him than me. Now I know there were no broken hearts at the meeting, but I take my small triumphs where I can get them.

What is something about you that has been unwavering over the years?


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2 thoughts on “One Hundred Eighteen: I Didn’t Come in Last

  1. Kyna says:

    Before having kids I was usually early. Hard to imagine that now. I’ve learned by being late that sometimes it’s ok to be late. I honestly didn’t know that before.

  2. In this situation, Kyna, it was great that the meeting didn’t start right on time because I had a valuable conversation with the other Mom and the third person had slept in because she had arrived home late on an enjoyable camping trip. The imperfection in promptness allowed for perfection in other areas that were much more rewarding.

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