One Hundred Fourteen: Trying to Try

“Trying is always enough.”  -Patricia Briggs

Thursday, April 24th

I have taught my daughter how to wrap a towel around her head so her hair doesn’t drip when she gets out of the tub. I have shown her how to avoid the yucky brown thing on the end of the banana. But the toughest lesson I’ve had to teach her is how to try, and how to keep on trying when you don’t feel like it.

When she first started kindergarten she would reluctantly start a task like putting on tights and then let her hands flop to the side when she felt like she couldn’t do it. It was so frustrating for me to keep her inspired and focused on practicing the skill at hand. She didn’t quite understand yet that her job as a kid was to wake up and try one or a million new things in her day because there are so many new things for her to learn. I imagine that she’s sitting there overwhelmed at all the things she could possibly learn even within the confines of our schedule and the limits of her parent’s patience.

When she developed a strong fear of the bustle within her PE class I tried a number of things to help her. We started the “Chit Chat” tradition in the morning where she and I would have a girl’s talk in bed before fully waking up. We talked about courage, partnership, asking for help, and trying. It was breaking my heart. I’ve been there. I’ve felt defeated and I’ve wanted to shrivel up and hide. My husband and I stuck with it, and eventually things started to get easier for her. Now she’s made great strides in identifying what is holding her back whether it is handling the transitions between classes, adapting to a new staff member, or  dealing with the stress from another area of her life.

Going into a big crowded room is a big trigger for her. Last night, she asked her Dad to take her to a Math Game night at her school.  It was bound to be a loud and busy event, but she still wanted to try it. I heard her waffle about it but I didn’t talk it up and let her process her fears without interference. It worked. She attended the event and once she became invested in one game, she wanted to try a number of them! She told me this morning that she felt nervous but she still wanted to go and she made it happen. Hooray! I’m glad that we’re figuring out ways to support one another through life.

How do you motivate yourself to try?


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