One Hundred Ten: Call to Spirit

“The moment God is figured out with nice neat lines and definitions, we are no longer dealing with God.”  – Rob Bell

 “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” – Anaïs Nin

Sunday, April 20th

This weekend was a meeting point between the Jewish faith (in the celebration of Passover), Christianity (Easter), and the Rastafari movement (Grounation). I have loved ones who live and practice in all three, so it was an interesting convergence. It felt awkward that  there was no exchange or acknowledgment of one another’s holidays. Add on top of that an Easter egg hunt with a group of neighbor children exposed to a variety of faiths, ideas, and spiritual notions (but each with the concrete notion that there is indeed a jellybean which exists in the center of that dollar store plastic egg) and the psychic energy around my world gets a little wobbly.

I don’t tend to share my spiritual beliefs out loud. It is a private conversation devoid of dogma and structure, but one guided by intuition. When I talk about such matters with others, I feel like I am choosing “d” (all of the above) in a multiple choice exam or following suit with certain quantum physicists who endorse a multi-platform explanation of how the world works. There’s something to this, for me, when it comes to the deeper meaning of life. It feels right that God could be and is all of the prophets, as that divinity is also you and me and the big wide world around us.

So as I am swirling from the Easter conversations, my company and I walked down to the beach. What should we see but two orcas offshore surfacing and moving southwards. The moment was a perfect expression of spirit. Sunshine, the ocean, and a migratory hunt that had been going on for more years than I’ve graced the Earth. The timelessness of nature and the continuum of life felt very present, conjuring a connection with this unity of life.

Do you have a spiritual path? Is it the path that others walk or are you forging your own path?


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