One Hundred Seven: Sister

“We may not have it all together but together we have it all.” – Unknown

Thursday, April 17th

I’ve been gifted brothers in this life. Many of them. Knowing each one is a treasure, and now I want to balance that by building meaningful sisterly relationships.

When I reached my 30s, the relationships I had with women took on a new importance for me. I became a mother and that changed how I viewed and interacted with my own mom. The women who had been there all along – best friends, aunties, and my kindred crones – became vital to my growth and development. I’d always thought of myself as one of those women who communicated better with men, but I started to feel more drawn to the feminine – both the feminine energy of others and within myself. During one of my yoga-based birthing classes, the teacher had all the mothers-to-be circle up in the middle of the room. We were to sit in easy pose with our knees touching and let the energy flow between us with no regard to what the men were doing or feeling outside. It was an extremely powerful moment for me for I felt the importance of holding a space for my sisters – no apologies and to support one another in the ways that only other women can.

For the duration of my thirties, I have had much more concrete sisterly relations with my husband’s two sisters. Even though the three of us are very different women, I have found a sincere connection with each of them and feel the unconditional love that goes with being family. I’ve made them both Aunties and in exchange, they have surrounded my children in love. My daughter, in particular, revels to get girl time in laying on the bed and watching her aunties try on clothes and telling jokes. It’s a few minutes out from every family function, but it is all that it takes for her to get a weighty lesson on how important these female relationships are in her life too.

I’ve learned from my sisters that women are different, flawed, beautiful, and dynamic. Each of the women I hold close in my life are like rivers – flowing from one day to the next and occasionally whirling back around to relearn a necessary life lesson. And while I get swept away in their current from time to time, together, our force is stronger.

Do you embrace the balance between feminine and masculine energies in your relationships with others?


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