One Hundred Eight: Empty

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”  – Napoleon Hill

Friday, April 18th

Sometimes you build it…and they don’t come.

I just tucked the kids in bed after taking them to see a DJ set and live band at the venue my husband books for. The music was great. There were good vibes all around. There just simply wasn’t an audience there to enjoy it all. Sigh.

I see the energy and preparation that it takes my husband to get the word out about these shows and promote the night. It is a labor of love. If he was just waiting for people to show up to see his own set then I am confident he would be okay with an empty house. But it is unbearable when you’ve asked a live band to pack their gear and drive a good long way to play.

We talk about how maybe it’s just hard to get people out for reggae, only to hear that it is the same for every other genre of music too. Some music catches on, some doesn’t. Some venues pack out, some get a handful of patrons. It’s a simple reminder to put your all into something because you’re passionate about it…then even when you’re playing to an empty house, you’re still doing what you do for your own soul.

** After I wrote this last night, I found out that more people did arrive to watch the show and still the band refused any payment so that the funds could go back into promoting the venue for conscious musicians. Passion!**

Have you ever created something only to have it under-appreciated or ignored?


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