One Hundred Five: Sacred Events

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”  – Laura Stavoe Harm

Tuesday, April 15th

On Tuesday, I had plans to meet up with one of two women who attended the birth of my son. She is an acupuncturist who specializes in working with prenatal clients and at the time of my last pregnancy had shared an office with my midwives. When my contractions really started coming on, the midwifery student was attending a birth with the midwife on shift. The other midwife got called in for duty and she asked the acupuncturist (also a trained midwife) to join her at the birth. To make my long birth story short, my friend brought all the love and strength I needed for a beautiful home birth. It was everything we needed to spark a lovely friendship.

And yet, there’s this funny little paradox in our acquaintance. She has seen my vagina expand around my son’s head and witnessed the flowering of my rectum during labor, and yet we’re still learning so much about one another. The sharing of this intense emotional experience has made me feel as if I had somehow seen straight to her essence and so small chat seems odd and funny. But no matter how much I am in awe of the birthing process, I could not have it be the sole topic of conversation with her.

So it was very sweet to go for a hike with our children. A sunny day in nature, fresh breezes, and a view of the water. I found myself feeling – as the hike/picnic/play date went on – that some relationships do not require the 20/20 interview to find out all the gritty details of someone’s life. It is more than enough to simply be in the moment with this person.

Who do you find yourself being the most present and aware in the company of?


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