One Hundred Four: Touristing

“You’ve always been a tourist here. You just didn’t know it.”  – Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

Monday, April 14th

I had so much fun recently acting like a tourist with my family, I planned to get the kids out for more on the first official day of Spring Break. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve done the tour guide thang with out-of-towners enough to be completely bored with that shtick. If you come to visit me, then you are more likely to discover the best vegan restaurants, the tastiest almond croissant, and an oddball museum. That’s more interesting, isn’t it?

But then I never get to see the things that make my city famous and recognizable to others. So I decided to indulge in an all-out Day of Tourism. The kids and I would bus downtown and walk to the highest density areas so we could squeeze our way through the masses and be too entirely overwhelmed to remember what we actually saw. It would be so great, it would even trump my cynicism.

And it did. Really, the best part of the day was the best part of any of my days: conversations and connections made with others. I found an iPod on the street in a nice padded case lying on the street, and a woman offered to take it into the restaurant and report it lost since she saw I had the littles with me. At the bus stop we met a young man, his girlfriend, and his toddler nephew on their way downtown; the young man was tickled to be babysitting the little guy and left sweet little kisses on his forehead. We met up with friends along the way and told one and a million silly knock-knock jokes. We wound up 101 wind up toys and watched a balloon artist do his thing. There are so many other moments that ask of our seriousness nature, I like giving in to the whimsy of things.

Do you take the time to be unabashedly silly?


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