Ninety Nine: What is My Time Worth?

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”  – William Penn

Wednesday, April 9th

On Wednesday evening, I attended a community presentation on a Time Bank. The concept is simple: give one hour of your life doing something you are good at for another person and then receive an hour of someone else’s service. It isn’t quite bartering, for you are not placing value on the service itself but putting the value on the time spent. One hour of lawn mowing equals one hour of massage which equals one hour of legal consultation.

My neighbor asked a very interesting question. The idea is compelling, but how do I motivate myself to get started and participate? The subtext for me is a question: would I rather serve myself, my family, or one of the many others I have already invited into my life or someone new? And am I motivated enough to start yet another new project? The point is that it is a win-win situation that builds community in the process, and that is always worth the time, right?

How do you evaluate what activities are worth your time?


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