Ninety Six: Tourists in Our Own Hometown

“There are two worlds: the world of the tourist and the world of everyone else. Often they’re side by side. But the tourist doesn’t actually see how people live.”  – Paul Theroux

Sunday, April 6th

On an average Sunday, the family and I sleep in until 7:30 am and then wake up to make pancakes and loaf around the house. We’ll fold some laundry and do the dishes, and then we’ll get out to a park in the afternoon. We shattered our plans for normality by becoming tourists in our hometown for the day.

An old friend of mine had a work of art in a volunteer-run gallery downtown, so we decided we would head there after having a small lunch. On the way, we passed an outdoor park with sculptures which gave the kids a good chance to run around. The walk turned into a seaside stroll as we detoured over to a sandy little beach to throw rocks and soak up some rays. The lunch gave us a good chance to recharge and then off to find this gallery we’d never been to before. It’s good to find an undiscovered corner of one’s city – a reminder that there are still adventures to be had in a land so seemingly familiar.

Do you avoid tourists? Or do you join the fray?




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One thought on “Ninety Six: Tourists in Our Own Hometown

  1. […] had so much fun recently acting like a tourist with my family, I planned to get the kids out for more on the first official day of Spring Break. I’ve come […]

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