Ninety Four: Information Enema

“It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.”  – Oscar Wilde

Friday, April 4th

When your smartphone dies, part of your memory goes with it. Or rather all the things that you stopped remembering because you have this ridiculous little piece of nuts and bolts that is strong enough to safely hold your most valuable secrets but flimsy enough to be shattered in an instant. We don’t need wetware. Smartphones are already linked into our neural circuitry.

My phone was dead. The world kept spinning. You didn’t miss it. Things hushed down a little bit in my world as one more stream of information was dammed up behind a blank screen. At first I checked email and social media more frequently to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Then I did my laundry. Then I let it go. Quiet. I watched a documentary about people getting back to the land and living off the grid in rural Washington. Not only were these people surviving without all the trappings of modern life, they were thriving and connected to their community in a way I aspire to be.

What do we do with all of this information we receive constantly? Does it add up to a more enriched life experience? Are we cataloguing or are we being catalogued?

How do you manage information? 


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