Ninety Two: Tumbling

“I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance. Play isn’t passive.”  – Bob Black

Wednesday, April 2nd

On Wednesday my three-year-old and I went to a play time at a local community center. Usually there would be a mix of girls and boys from toddler to preschool age. Some of the group had gone on a field trip to the zoo leaving only two other boys and their nannies. Three boys, a stack of giant Legos, and a big room: GO!

It was amazingly fun mayhem. The boys built towers, they knocked them over. We blew up balloons, they chased them. There is something incredible and unique about the energy contained in little boys. The boys unanimously agreed to knock over the towers as soon as they reached a desired height. The big people in the room tried to coach them on pushing the towers away from other people, but other than that the boys had free reign to blast blocks and make mass noise.

After an hour, a young girl who was a year or so older than the boys joined the group. The energy changed. We tried to coordinate the play a little more so that the four children could build a house out of the blocks together, but she never quite understood why they wanted to demolish the building  afterwards.

I think we all need time to exercise our wild spirits as we may.

What is it that fires up your soul?


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