Eighty Six: More Time with Less People

“I get energy from one-on-one conversations most often, and I lose energy from group conversations most often.”  – Reid Hoffman

Thursday, March 27th

Since my husband and I met with our daughter’s teacher recently, we’ve been trying to be proactive about providing our girl with opportunities to enrich her social life and build confidence. Making minor changes in how we move through our days has brought huge rewards.

We had heard that our daughter was stubborn sharing her knowledge of the sight words that are studied in class. It’s a little thing, but I get that. I didn’t like to be tested as a youngster. It put me on the spot and tested my social strength to respond to the teacher more than it gauged my knowledge of the subject. The teacher recommended we review the words with her. So we’ve been using some cute little sight word cards that I picked up months ago, and she loves it. She enjoys the practice, and she’s getting good. She’s starting to see her sight words everywhere – on signs, on the page of a novel I’m reading, everywhere!

The second immediate change we’ve made is to stick around after school. The kids are often still revved up to play, so I’ve been taking my kids out to the playground to run around. My daughter is a different child altogether than the one who is reluctant during recess. It’s as if she’s making a psychic map of the playground and logging where she has fun versus where she gets overwhelmed. The idea is to swing the pendulum towards familiarity and fun for her. It’s promising – her teacher told me today that she is starting to branch out in her play with others. YES!

What is one little thing you could do to enrich a loved one’s life?


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