Eighty Four: Back to the Pile

“If I don’t do laundry today, I’m gonna have to buy new clothes tomorrow.”  – Anna Paquin

Tuesday, March 25th

Oh, the glory of returning from a day of play to a day of spin cycles and the tumble dry…

I had no less than four loads of laundry between my weekend’s outfits and the family’s running pile. Somehow I got into the shared laundry area at a quiet time, and was able to put two loads on at once. That still was tricky for me with a three-year-old who makes a mad dash if I leave the door open.

I have a general rule with vacationing that I will leave the house in tip-top shape so I can come back to a clean home. When I am the only one that leaves, the mess continues to grow. The united front which is my husband and I is broken down, and the children can successfully defeat any attempts to keep the house in order. And really, it was a great thing. It meant that my husband was getting out with the kids and enjoying his solo time with them.

So then I indulge my second neurotic personal cleaning rule to spend my first full day on cleaning like mad. Dishes. Toy sorting. Sweeping (I found mounds of dust under our beds.) Fingerprint removal. Toilet bowl scrubbing. Little houses left dirty make big stinks pretty quickly, so once our home started to smell better I sat my duster and rags down.

Are you obsessed or indifferent with leaving your home a certain way on your vacation?


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