Eighty One: Recovering

“What in the world is a hangover cure?”  – Brian Wilson

Saturday, March 22nd

This wild woman was in bed before 1 am after Friday’s raucous party adventures. I remember when the parties in my 20’s didn’t get started until that time. I like this new brand of partying – reckless responsibility.

I can count the number of alcoholic drinks that I’ve imbibed over the last five years. Nursing my children has always taken the priority, and it has only been recently that I’ve seen changes in that department that have freed up my ability to have the occasional drink. This weekend was paramount on the alcoholic front because it was breaking a dry streak, and for me would be truth-telling in how I respond to booze.

I think I passed the test. I got to the giggly phase with the girls, and kept it there instead of taking it to that greedy moment where I must keep the party going at all costs. I struggled with determining that graceful moment in my past, and so tapering off the night with a jug of water on the table felt right.

Looking back over life, I think that I would have benefited from a teaching on how to handle alcohol responsibly. Adults taught me the equivalents between fluid volumes of beer, wine, and liquor but that only informed my irrational need to get drunk quickly when I was younger. I volunteered to be on the Traffic Safety Committee in high school (yep, Grade A Dork) and saw all the concrete reasons to avoid drinking and driving, but I still made a couple ill decisions in that department too. I know we largely take responsibility for our growth in regards to alcohol; I think I would have personally benefitted greatly from early intervention talks with my parents when I was a curious teen trying to sneak a beer can out of the fridge.

Alas, here I am at 40’s doorstep and I feel like I am at a good point with my relationship with alcohol. I woke up Saturday morning and felt achey and dehydrated. It was 6:20 a.m. and if I could bust it down to the hotel gym then I knew I would find one of our party working out. Stumbling through the dark looking for my stretchy gear was a comedic performance, but I did it.

My new friend was there, and this felt like a good step to working the effects of Friday out of my system. But what do I do in a gym? Seriously, I am a complete noob when it comes to working out in a gym. It took me five minutes to turn on the treadmill and then I almost walked into the wall from vertigo afterwards! I opted for a good stretch – I have lots of practice there – Qi gong, yoga, and longevity stretches. The spiraling lengthened my muscles and wrung the fatigue and achiness right out of my body. Ok, Day, let’s do this!

The morning set the tone for the day. I took it easy on the drinks, and focused on being present with my company. We spent the bulk of the day at an outdoor spa. The day fell into place.

Do you feel a sense of control when it comes to using substances whether it be drugs or alcohol?


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