Seventy Seven: Thick and Thin

“Old friends are best.”  – John Selden

Over the last few weeks I have been arranging a surprise for my best friend. I had her friends send me photographs from throughout her adult life, and all the many moments when I wasn’t there because we’ve lived as many years in different cities as we have in the same. I made a movie to commemorate and celebrate the loyal friend that she is. It felt good to reflect on our enduring friendship.

While writing out a birthday card (because I seem to have skipped the important detail of us celebrating her 40th birthday with a women’s weekend), I realized that this woman has been there through a significant amount of my life changing experiences. We made our first exploding papier maché volcano together. We carved the initials of the teenage boys we lusted after into the arbutus tree looking over the ocean. She was my sole witness when I got married. Even if she wasn’t there through a crime, tragedy, or triumph from my past, she sure knows about it. And that is priceless.

So I gather my passport and my bravado to shed my 24/7 mama-on-call status for a breath of fresh air, and to get a few hugs in to one of the people who taught me how to be a loving person to others.

Have you told your best friend how much he or she means to you lately?



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