Seventy: OverMet

“People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.”  – Thomas Sowell

During my working life, I used to get really irritated when my hours spent providing direct service were less than the hours I met with my colleagues to discuss our work. I understand the need to coalesce and bounce ideas off of one another, but meetings can get bureaucratic oh-so-easily.

Lately, my husband and I have had a flourish of meetings. It would get to feel redundant, but I swear that each meeting is for a different organization or cause. It’s not that we’re spreading ourselves thin, we just happen to have structured our lives so that our life commitments make good use of our skills. I am meeting with the PTA, my cohousing Landscape Committee, and trying to contact some key players in a seasonal project I’ve taken a hiatus from. My husband is a member of a conflict resolution team, a booker/DJ for a local music night, and an administrator for an elder support organization among other things. If these meetings had any sort of regularity, they might get droll but the diversity keeps me on my toes and makes me feel active as long as the meetings lead to direct action or a resolution of a problem. And these meetings are actually putting me in touch with a variety of interesting and committed individuals, so I’ll meet on.

How do you make meetings more interesting and engaging?



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